Film Free Projection Extended

Photographic competitions for a digital age. FFPx does it all from collecting images from club members, selecting for exhibition, scoring competitions, panel based, placed based, "mix and match" or knock out competitions. All controlled using a ribbon based, touch friendly user interface.


FFPx is a top down rewrite of the widely used Film Free Projection software which has gathered praise from it's many users for it's flexibility and power. 


Club Competitions - All of them

FFPx makes running all kinds of club competitions easy:

  • Regular club competitions,
  • multiple judges,
  • panel based,
  • placed based,
  • compare images,
  • knock out,
  • selection for exhibitions
Ribbon based interface makes everything visible
Ribbon based interface makes everything visible

Image Gathering

A key aim for FFPx is making the projectionist's life easy. That's why image gathering is built right in to FFPx. FFPx can connect to an email server, a shared Google drive or the Photo Entry online system and gather images for competitions.

Touch Friendly

Anyone who's tried to use a laptop in the dark will welcome a touch display. FFPx has been designed to be used with touch screens. Two taps, and you score an image.

Touch friendly interface makes scoring easy
Touch friendly interface makes scoring easy


We pride ourselves on our support; please contact us with questions or requests.


We love what we do

Shouldn't computers make things easier? We think so - that's the philosophy of FFPx.